The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Overcome Self-Doubt

Have you ever been told you’re not good enough? Did it bother you? It’s easy for some people to say “Shake it off,” but there are days when it hits hard, especially if the words “You’re not good enough” are coming from someone you respect or admire, or whose opinion matters to you. Whether it was said directly or indirectly, at some point in our lives, we have been told we’re not good enough.


When I was in preschool, an adult told me “You’re not smart enough.” At a young age, thinking I wasn’t smart enough made me second-guess myself in numerous situations. I started having feelings of self-doubt.

Self-doubt is being afraid to act on things because you don’t want to fail. It makes you lose your confidence and leads you to a spiral of worries and fears. It could be an upcoming client meeting, a school presentation, a musical performance, a business venture, or anything that’s going to take you outside of your comfort zone.

What do you do to overcome self-doubt? Over the years, I found it tough battling my self-doubt, but I was able to come up with a checklist so I can overcome it every time it tries to creep up on me.


Be clear on what you want and who you want to be. When you’re clear, you’re aware of who you are and who you aren’t. You’ll be able to take each step with 100% confidence because you know where you want to go. Having clear goals increases your chances of getting there fast without any second thoughts.

2. Judgement

Check your own judgment. How often do you not do something because you’re afraid that someone is going to misunderstand you? Please know that it’s normal to feel that way, because if not, you’re not likely growing. Remember that growth happens when we’re allowing ourselves to stretch and try something new. 

Whether or not we do something, people are going to judge us. Since we can’t escape judgment, instead of thinking about what could go wrong, why don’t we start focusing on all the things that could go right? 


Before I started creating The Coachable Podcast, I thought about how I wanted to inspire thousands of people, and I painted that image of myself in my mind, an image of who I wanted to become and what I wanted to do for people. 

Instead of saying “I wish I could do something like that,” say “If they can do it, why can’t I?” The fact that many people have already started podcasts before me, shows there’s a roadmap, a formula of things that I just needed to learn that I didn’t know yet.

We’re not intended to know it all, and that’s why we must learn from those who have done it before us. We just need to be willing to apply the things that we already know and pair them up with the new things that we’re learning to do. Let’s show up and step up!


Your subconscious does not think in negatives. When you’re afraid of failing, and you tell yourself “don’t stutter, don’t offend anyone, don’t say the wrong thing,” your subconscious is saying “stutter, offend people, say the wrong things.” It’s like a parent telling their kid “Don’t touch the stove,” but the kid touches the stove anyway. 

That’s why you need affirmations, to tell yourself “I got this,” or “I can do it!” Tell yourself “I’m strong, capable, beautiful and confident,” and that’s what you’re going to be. To release your power, you must believe in yourself and use powerful words.

5. Acceptance

Aiming to be better every day is a great practice, but let’s not forget to take it easy, and not be too hard on ourselves. Let your best today be okay. Trust yourself enough to allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and do better in the days to come.

The area that you doubt yourself the most, shows you what you care most about. When you’re doing something for the first time, it’s normal to feel like you’re not equipped. In times like this, be the person who believes in you when no one else does. Believe in yourself NOW.

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December 23, 2021

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