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LEARN the psychology of the game of life and how to play it

Life is a game of inches. One inch too short and you might miss your opportunity. One second too late and the final whistle blows. But when life blindsides you and knocks you down most of us aren't prepared. Instead of getting back up we are left dazed and confused. 

Whether we receive a call from an upset client or our child's school, we get swept into a cloud of reactive patterns that are littered with anxious thoughts and overwhelming emotions. Survival mode kicks in. We're on defense.

We are presented with two options - to quit and go home or get back up, dust ourselves off and try again. It's only in the midst of hardship that we find out what we are truly made of and what's really worth fighting for. 

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  • The Final Count Down (Motivation and Inspiration)
  • Undefeated (Performance and Productivity)
  • Emotional Rehab (Healing and Transformation)
  • Who's In Your Huddle? (Leadership & Teamwork)
  • Play Like You Practice: Understanding the Fundamentals (Culture and Customer Experience)
  • Design a Custom Program

Welcome to my classroom, my locker room, my studio, my battlefield, and my dinner table. You are welcome here.
Whether you're tired of settling for "good enough", or feel like you're sitting on the sidelines of life watching it pass you by you are in the right place. It's time to get in the game, get your hands dirty, get uncomfortable and find out what you're really made of. 

High-Performance Coach, Podcast Host, Inspirational Speaker, Content Creator, and Breathwork Facilitator

Meet Tori Gordon


- jen G., buffalo, new york 

The way I do life has changed. The permission I've been seeking from others has been inside of me the entire time. PERMISSION GRANTED. 

"This is what it feels like to be me. Not playing the part of who I think people want me to be but the real authentic me."

- Bri D., San Diego, CA

“I felt so stuck and unhappy with a lot of things. I knew I had a lot of growing to do but didn't know where to begin. Finding Tori literally feels like fate and investing in myself has been one of the best decisions I've ever made!!!”

"I am at a loss for words for how much of an impact Tori has made on my life."

- Wallis M., Los Angeles, CA

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your straight-talk with me and your perspective and that you’re not just there to always try and make me feel better about whatever story I’m telling myself or creating, but to give me a reality check and an informed objective response.”

"I feel so deeply held by our conversations."

- Yasmine S., Orlando, FL

“Since I started working with Tori I have seen a magnificent difference in the way I speak, in the way I show up for my business, and how I handle situations with relationships and family. Now, people tell me there is something different about me, how I talk, and how I’m operating.”

"I don't even recognize the girl I was before working with Tori."

- Jason P., Atlanta, ga

I am so appreciative of what you have done with this program. You have created an environment that brings people from different parts of the world together for one weekend to share so much and everybody was so open-minded to this. It was a very safe environment for us to have deep discussions about traumas large and small that we've faced in life. Thank you!

"I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't because of you."

- Nick B., Las Vegas, NV

I recently took part in a breathwork ceremony with Tori and it was a truly transformative experience. She created a safe and supportive environment, guiding us through various breathing techniques that helped me access a deeper sense of connectedness. Afterwards I felt lighter, more in tune with myself, and had a renewed sense of clarity and embodiment. I can highly recommend Tori’s ceremonies to anyone looking to explore their inner world and expand their consciousness!

"It was a truly transformative experience. She created a safe and supportive environment."






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