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You don't have to wait for the future to become the best version of yourself now. This masterclass will teach you how to bring the future to you.

Reform your former self to become your future self.


Coachable Masterclass

We know you're busy, so pick from 4 different dates!
• November 23rd @ 6:00pm EST
• December 1st @ 7:00pm EST
• December 9th @ 7:00pm EST
• December 15th @ 7:00pm EST


• How to get connected to your wiser, happier, more confident future self
• What exactly is stopping you from becoming all that you could be.
• The importance of shifting your identity in order to fulfill your potential
• To debunk the belief that "this is just who I am"
• How to stop procrastinating and move towards what you want
• The #1 thing that drives your behavior so you can create more discipline, abundance, and success

What you'll learn:


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- Steve R. Honolulu, Hawaii 

“Of all the amazing things I have ever experienced, NOTHING was so simple, so present with me, and so intrusively and yet compassionately transformational as just being with my own breath. No matter where you are in your life, I strongly recommend you invest the time to work with Tori and experience Revive Breathwork - you will never again see the simple act of breathing the same! ”

“Tori's style is a beautiful blend of gentle nurture and powerful invitation to level up.”

- Robert C. Chicago, IL

“Crazy. Crazy. From uncontrollable laughter that went on entirely too long (and was telling myself that AS it was going on) to crying at the reality of self-care. I’m not sure if you are a queen or a witch - but either way - I’m in! I’m so grateful that I’m embarking on this journey and have you as my captain. You have earned my Trust.”

TORI!! Thank you again - Omg what an experience lol.

-Tyler Hunt

“The breathe work has been very helpful and I even noticed today how big of a difference it really makes. I was getting frustrated at work this morning and as soon as I started to breathe, my mood shifted. Thank you so much! I'm always praying for you and thankful I got to meet you!”

I stopped stressing over the things that were out of my control.

such a moving experience!

Alon Zaibert

"Unreal -- I didn't know what to expect and was amazed. From her explanation and setup to putting her hand on my chest... It was as If she knew exactly what I needed at the perfect time."