I hadn’t seen anyone or left the house in 2 weeks. When I walked outside for the first time & felt the sun hit my face I started to cry uncontrollably. Years of repressed grief and sadness came up all at once.

I never could have imagined that this breakdown would ultimately lead to my biggest breakthrough. I realized for the first time that I was so tired of “being strong” and “having it all together.” I was exhausted and was tired of pretending everything was great when it wasn’t. I was tired of being silenced into isolation by my shame.

How I went from small town girl to CEO...


I broke through the biggest emotional block that was holding me back from the deep connections & purpose I longed for… I had built an invisible wall around my heart for years.

It all started when I was 18. My sister was diagnosed with cancer. I remember it vividly. My family and I were having breakfast together crying before we left to check Anna into the hospital. At that moment I created a belief that in order to be a “good daughter” and not cause my family any more pain or stress I needed to “be strong.” I needed to focus on getting good grades, staying out of trouble & being supportive.

I didn’t think I was allowed to be sad. My sister did. Her life was just taken from her. My parents did. Because their daughter was deeply suffering.
Who am I to be upset? How dare I complain? I should be grateful for my health and the fact that I have the luxury of stressing over school and grades that my sister would literally die for.

Anna passed away 2 years later. She was 23 years old. In the years that followed, I lost 3 grandparents, my uncle, and my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and given 5 years to live. She lived 5 years and two weeks. Years passed and I unconsciously continued to hold on to the beliefs that it created.

Fast forward. I am now 25. I live in a penthouse apartment on the San Diego bay with my boyfriend who was a major league baseball player. I don’t have to work, travel often, and have all of the luxuries of life. On the outside, it looked like I had it all. This must be “success.” I had convinced myself that WHEN I achieved all of this THEN I would be happy. But on the inside, I never felt more purposeless, depressed, and alone. I repressed it all. Put on a smile and pretended life was good. Again the belief showed up,

So what happened?

I didn’t feel like I could tell anyone what I was actually feeling. I felt guilty, broken, and ashamed. I ended up on antidepressants and Adderall. I would lash out and was harsh with my words. I would cry at the Today Show or Ellen for no reason. I was like a dormant volcano waiting to erupt. Until… I did.

I found myself in a fit of rage on the floor of my apartment shaking and crying. Everything came pouring out and I finally released all that had been locked inside. I felt relief for the first time. But I had no idea just how deep these beliefs ran or what it would take to heal them. I was desperate for help. 

I started seeking guidance from therapists, coaches, and mentors.
I received new direction, inspiration, and hope for the future. I began learning tools and techniques to help me begin to express myself authentically and shift the stuck emotion. I gained new perspectives and insights and dove into spirituality and mindfulness.

It took time, but I started feeling like I was walking on a lighter frame.
It was like I shed these invisible anchors that were holding me down. And I began to heal.

Now my life’s mission is dedicated to providing others with the tools, resources, and experiences to help them transform their lives from the inside out in the same way my coaches have helped me. My aim is to be a guide to those seeking direction by pointing them back to the answers that live inside their own hearts and connecting them to their inner compass so that they can awaken the champion within.

“who am I to complain or be upset?”
“You should be grateful. How can you be unhappy? People would kill to be in your shoes. Something is wrong with you.”

Today, her work reaches nearly 1 million people worldwide and has been seen on major media outlets like NBC, Fox News, CBS, Yahoo News and Business Insider. As founder of Coachable LLC Tori works with highly motivated individuals and corporations looking to level-up in life and business by catalyzing massive transformation through her engaging content, highly experiential seminars, coaching programs, and retreats. As a widely sought after mental health influencer she works with international brands like NatureMade, Canva, and BetterHelp helping them spread their mission-driven messages with confidence and authenticity. She has given key-note speeches on topics such as “How to achieve true happiness” at events like the International Day of Happiness sponsored by the United Nations. Tori was also named one of the Top 10 Female Mindset Coaches by Yahoo News in 2020. 

As one of TikTok’s Top 100 Female Creators, Tori Gordon is an award winning Content Creator, Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator and High Performance Coach guiding people and organizations to their highest potential and fullest expression. 



✔ Emotional Intelligence
✔ Embodied Cognition
✔ Esoteric Wisdom
✔ Breathwork
✔ Gestalt Therapy
✔ Neuroscience
✔ Experiential Learning
✔ Embodied Leadership
✔ Psychology (Developmental, Positive, Intrapersonal, Evolutionary, Cognitive)
✔ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
✔ Trauma Release Therapy
✔ Neuro Linguistic Programming
✔ Conflict Management
✔ Entheogenic Assisted Spiritual Transformation
✔ Masculine / Feminine Energetics

My work combines the most cutting-edge and effective modalities available to create deep, sustainable change for my clients. By fusing these together I am able to leverage whatever tool is necessary to support my clients.

Tori loves what she does and loves to share her work even more. With social media accounts that reach nearly 1 million people worldwide and a podcast that has hit the top charts, she loves to collaborate with other entrepreneurs to encourage wellness for all. If you are interested in working with Tori, use the button below to access her media kit! 

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Named Top 100 Female Creators on TikTok in 2021

Named Top 5 Podcasts to Get You Through COVID 19 by Yahoo News 

Named Top 10 Female Mindset coach of 2020 by Business Insider

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