Find Your Why

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why did I do that thing?” “Why did I take that job?” “Why did I stay in that relationship?” “Why is this thing important to me?” “Why do I exist?”

Knowing our why is essential to living a life of purpose and meaning and fulfillment. We get a lot of benefits by asking the question why, and one of those benefits is clarity. If you’re lacking clarity in your life you likely feel confused. You’re unsure what problem that your business solves or what you want to do with the rest of your life. Asking this question is going to provide clarity around where you want to focus your time and your intention.

Infuse Your Life With Purpose

It’s going to also add meaning and passion for the goals that you set for yourself. So many people stay stuck because they don’t know what they want. Maybe you do know what you want, but you don’t know why you want it. Is it because you really want it or you think you’re supposed to want it?

Knowing your true “why” is going to help you to connect with the things that are going to light you up and give you passion, instead of being an obligation. The difference between working hard for something that you don’t really enjoy and working hard for something you love is the difference between misery and passion.

Finding your why is going to help you to get clarity, to find passion, and to live a life of integrity. The people that know their purpose and understand why they exist (whether that’s their business, their brand, or their livelihood) know what they’re here for. They know what they’re here to do, and they’re on a mission to do it. They stop doing things they don’t want to do and stop doing things that aren’t going to help them to fulfill that mission that they’re on.

So if you are trying to figure out what that is for you, or you’re lacking clarity, passion, or purpose in your own life, try this exercise to help you find your true “Why”.

How To Find Your Why

This exercise is going to help you get out of your head and connect back into your heart and into your motion. The way that we do that is by not taking ourselves at face value. A lot of times when we ask the question, we just believe whatever answer we come up with. If I asked you, “why did you stay in that relationship?”, you might say “because I loved them”. This is surface level. We don’t go any further because that answer seems like it should be good enough. But what if we kept going a little bit deeper?

What if I say, “why did you start your business?” You might say, I want to help people. What if we kept asking?

“Why is it important for you to help people?” Well, because I really want to make an impact for the better.

“Why is it important that you want to make an impact on people for the better?” Well, because I want to leave a legacy.

And if you keep asking the question “why” seven layers deep, you’re really going to land right back into the truth. The core of what drives and motivates you. People are either motivated or they’re not. The way that we really get motivated is to connect to what inspires us, what’s true for us, what we believe in most. 

Go Seven Layers Deep

So try the seven layers deep exercise to get reconnected with your why. There’s a free downloadable resource for you so that you can fill out the exercise! Want more exercises just like this one to help you get the tools for self discovery and self mastery? Check out my Ascend and Transcend Toolkit. It’s available for you at under programs. 

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October 7, 2021

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