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My 4 step signature system to help you reflect, release and resolve the mental and emotional blocks keeping you from your best life in 30 days! This action-packed, do-it-yourself course will have you crying happy tears when you finish because you'll have gained the fundamental awareness, tools and wisdom to regain the emotional controls, get back in the drivers seat of your life, and let go of the fear and self-doubt that's been holding you back for good! 

Ready to get serious about self discovery? 
This action-packed toolkit makes discovering your purpose simple and straight=forward. Say so long to running in circles or hitting dead ends.
With  more than 30+ Printable Exercises and Worksheets you will get crystal clear on who you are, what you want, and how to get what you want.

In this mindset intensive you'll get custom and personalized coaching from Tori around your subconscious limiting beliefs or emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck in confusion so that you can gain the clarity and confidence you need to move forward. This is perfect for those who want to get a taste of Tori's 1:1 style or past clients that just need a pick-me-up!

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ascend and transcend toolkit

Want to become an influencer? Get my simple, strategic content creation methodology that reaps hundreds of thousands of organic TikTok views so that you can create brand-exploding content that will have you growing an aligned audience and raking in conversions for 90 days after posting!

EDUTOK TikTok Masterclass

An experiential learning laboratory for accelerated growth, immersive healing, and lasting transformation backed by 40 years of science-based methodologies so that you can create consistent, predictable and powerful results in your body, relationships, career and bank account for years to come. 

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Are you tired of living every day trapped inside your head but meditation leaves you feeling even more defeated? Do you feel overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, or stuck? Have you normalized high levels of anxiety because you think "that's just the way I am." If so, then the Revive Monthly membership is the life-giving, breath of fresh air you've been longing for. 

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A high-level, one-on-one, specialized coaching program for the committed entrepreneur, influencer or coach who's aim is not just to be a top-performer but is dedicated to living a conscious leaders lifestyle, teaches by demonstration and leads by example. Together we'll bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary and leave the world and workplace better than we found it. 

Private 1:1 Coaching

1. You are starting to get unfulfilled with what you’re doing and want to talk about it before you just burn it all to the ground.

2. You feel yourself being pulled in a new direction and are absolutely terrified of it.

3. You know you are capable of MORE, but you find yourself stuck in a rut right now.

4. You are the most successful person you know and don’t have anyone who can relate to this level of success in the moments you need support.

5. You are currently more successful than you’ve ever been, and it’s freaking you out! You need help learning to live in the good. support.

6. You are facing new challenges as a leader and a business owner, and you wish there was someone there to help you navigate everything.

7. You constantly have to show people the way in business, but nobody is checking on your inner world, and because of that, your own personal growth has hit a plateau recently.

8. You feel disconnected in your relationship with God and wish you could rekindle your spirituality, or maybe even recreate it from scratch in a way that works for you right now. personal growth has hit a plateau recently.

9. You are tired of feeling like it always has to be SO MUCH WORK and want to find a way to create success being in the flow. scratch in a way that works for you right now. personal growth has hit a plateau recently.

10. You simply wish life and business were more fun.

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