My #1 Anxiety Hack of All Time

The #1 hack for releasing stress and anxiety that changed my life forever.

I was one of those people that thought anxiety was something people made up as an excuse to get out of doing things they didn’t want to do, until it happened to me. Sitting in my car about to go into to an important meeting, I was immediately struck with the overwhelming feeling of anxiousness. My stomach churned. My heart raced. I felt an uncomfortable buzzing all over my body. I wanted to turn around, run away and hide. From who? I couldn’t tell you. I think I wanted to hide from myself. Can you relate?

All the sudden it became explicitly clear what everyone had been talking about for so long. I struggled with high functioning anxiety and depression for years in my early and mid 20’s. I took Lexapro after my sister died and at first it helped to get through the first few months after her passing. Over time I became more and more numb. I didn’t care about things as much anymore I went on and off the medication for the next three or four years. In many ways I spent these years living as a shell of a person. Empty. Leaking energy. Forcing myself into situations I didn’t want to be in.

What is the problem?

We live in a culture where we have normalized high levels of stress and anxiety to the point many of us don’t know who we are without it. When we receive a diagnosis and accept it as truth it becomes linked to our identity. We say, “I am anxious. I am depressed. I am suicidal.” No. YOU, my dear, are not any of those things. You might be experiencing symptoms of those things, but that is NOT WHO YOU ARE. We’ve become so identified with this reality as our baseline state of being but it’s so far from the truth. I watched my sister and mother both receive terminal diagnosis. The doctors told her she had 5 years to live after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She lived 5 years and 2 weeks. To me, that goes further than a diagnosis. Whatever we believe to be true becomes the reality for us . But I didn’t know back then. Just like you might not know now… that there is another way.

It might feel “normal” to you but it’s not natural. Your body, and mine are wise and intelligent and the anxiety you wake up feeling is part of your body’s language. It’s trying to communicate with you that somethings not right. Out of balance. Lop sided. Dysregulated. The thing is most doctors will tell you that you need medication. What they are doing is putting a band-aid on a wound and calling it healed but what we’re really doing is treating symptoms but never treating the underlying root cause issue. This is a problem because the “problem” is perpetuated and we stay dependent on what’s meant to be temporary tools for a lifetime.

Why Breathwork?

At 27 I found that my breath is the greatest form of medicine I have ever received. Did you know that our mind is our greatest block to our transformation? For those of us that are type A, analytical, logical, realists, cerebral, we have a hard time with this. Why? We live our entire lives in our heads. It wasn’t until someone told me “take a deep breath” that I realized how disconnected I was from my body. The nervous system plays a critical role in our survival and can get fixed in an almost constant state of fight, flight, freeze or faun if we don’t learn how to reset. Through breathwork we are able to loosen the grip of the mind and put the body’s divine wisdom back into the drivers seat and direct us towards healing.

What if there was a way you could replace despair with bliss, heaviness with lightness, sorrow with joy? What if you could emotionally heal trauma from ages 2, 6, 14, and 21 all at the same time without having to relive each one? It’s possible, through breathwork. I have lived it. I am it. And so are you.

Take the next step..

Learn more about how you can use Breathwork to heal your nervous system or simply feel better by joining my monthly Revive Breathwork Membership. I’d love to teach you how. As a trauma-informed Breathwork facilitator I have spent hundreds of hours undergoing my own transformation by breath while also holding the space for my clients to experience their own inner awakening. Watching them awaken from the dream that they are broken and weak human beings and step into the awareness that they are whole, multi-dimensional, divine souls. This is a miracle every single time and it’s available to all of us.

Join the Revive Monthly Membership and begin to heal from within, today!

Leave me a comment if you relate or have found other helpful tools and resources that I can share with this community. I love you all.



July 23, 2021

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