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Are you tired of living every day trapped inside your head? Do you feel overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, or stuck? Have you normalized levels of anxiety because you think "that's just the way I am."

Let me tell you something: it might be "normal" to you, but it's not NATURAL. The truth is, the expansion, connection, and freedom you crave are not OUT THERE. 

IT'S IN HERE! You already have everything you need to create the life you desire inside of yourself. The key is learning to unlock and access it. 

You are so much more than the conversations that are going on in your mind. You think that the more you analyze something the more clarity you will get about it. But YOU CAN’T BE AT PEACE IN YOUR LIFE IF YOU’RE AT WAR IN YOUR MIND. That's why the more you THINK about it the more confused you seem to become, but the body KNOWS the answers.

The body is deeply wise and it knows how to heal us. Think about it. When you cut your hand, your body heals on its own without anything thinking involved.When we get out of the mind and into the body we are able to connect with our internal guidance system—our INTUITION.

This is your spiritual GPS and it knows how to take you from where you are to where you want to go...and it will take you there, one breath at a time. 

Then Breathwork is for you.

Does meditation feel impossible?

Revive Breathwork

Client Spotlight

• You have experienced trauma, heartbreak, or loss and are ready to heal

• You always feel like you are hustling and in overdrive

• You feel disconnected from your body and heart

• Your stress and anxiety is keeping you from live the life you desire

• You lack clarity and vision for your future 

Revive is for you if: 

Here are the most common benefits: 
• Immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief. 
• Connect with your emotions & change your response to them. 
• Revitalizes your organs. 
• Gives you access to your higher power.
• Reduces toxins in your body & provides an energetic release.
• More energy & mental clarity.
• Deepens your relationship to your body. 
• Release trauma that has been stuck in your system for years. 


Revive Breathwork is a method where we use continual breathwork to break down emotions in the body that are stagnant and create heaviness on our energetic and emotional systems. Breathwork is a practice of allowing our systems to see a different perspective whereby we feel deeply connected to our bodies and understand and experience the intelligence contained within our systems. Revive Breathwork is a way to heal, release, and transform. 


The core difference is that Revive Breathwork is for healing and transformation. There are a lot of breathing practices where the goal or outcome is relaxation, but with Revive, relaxation and connection is an aftereffect of the practice. The goal with Revive is to unearth the stuck energy that prevents us from living in our highest alignment and operating in elevated frequencies. Revive breathwork uses intentional stimulation (breath, music, and movement) to regulate the nervous system and bring your body back into balance. 


The Revive technique offers two types of breathwork practices: integrative and meditative. The integrative practices are the practices that can be used during the day, in combination with your daily activities. The intention for integrative breathwork practices is rooted in relaxation and mental clarity. The meditative practices are for transformation. Meditative practices are done lying down on a mat in private or with a group. Meditative practices are guided by a trained Revive Facilitator. 


Here are the most common benefits: 
• Immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief. 
• Connect with your emotions & change your response to them. 
• Revitalizes your organs. 
» Gives you access to your higher power.
• Reduces toxins in your body & provides an energetic release.
• More energy & mental clarity.
• Deepens your relationship to your body. 
• Release trauma that has been stuck in your system for years. 


Breathwork is a completely safe practice; however, the body will respond in physical ways that may seem odd. Tetany is the most common physical side effect; it’s where your hands will curl inwards toward your heart. This usually passes within 15 minutes of completing the practice. Your ears may ring for about 20 minutes after breathwork. During the session, your body may shake, move around, or you’ll feel the need to scream. This is all part of the energetic release. 


The mind is trying to keep you safe - it’s doing its job perfectly. You need to discern the difference between the mind creating chaos or the body being resistant to breathwork. When moving through the breath, keep checking in with your body. 

During breathwork, my mind is constantly telling me I should stop. What does this mean?

Yes, but start extremely slow. If ever you feel like there is too much, back off of the intensity and come back to your natural breath. You may also choose to just lay down and listen to the audio. Also - Tori is a trained trauma-informed specialist - if you’d like support as you embark on your breathwork journey with private sessions, please reach out to 

I’ve experienced a lot of trauma in my life, can I still do breathwork?

Yes, this is completely normal. This is called tetany, an involuntary contraction of the muscles leading to temporary paralysis of some part of the body, usually the hands, feet, face, or around the waist. It can be a little painful but is perfectly harmless. It will pass as soon as you soften the exhale. Tetany can be caused by over-breathing past the point of what the body feels is normal. It usually arises from resistance to unconscious material wanting to come to the surface. The energy escapes from our extremities--our hands--thus causing tetany to occur. Tetany in the hands can mean you’re holding onto something. If this happens, ask yourself: what am I holding on to? 

My hands are cramping - is this normal?

Completely, in fact, this is exactly what we want to happen. The intention with Revive Breathwork is to release the emotions that are on the surface. The stuck energy we are holding onto needs to be released with crying, screaming, shaking, and moving the body. Each practice will be completely different. Allow for the variety - some breathwork experiences will be blissful and loving, others will be more intense. Trust that whatever experience you’re meant to have will unfold. 

I feel a lot of uncomfortable emotions. Is this part of the process?

Completely normal. When we are releasing energy from the body, we will tap into emotions that call upon images from this life or previous lives. About 30% of people will get visuals when they are doing breathwork, or they will begin to get visuals the more they practice breathwork.

I am getting visuals, is this normal?

Breathwork is not recommended for pregnant women. The practice can create intense emotionality within the system, which may create emotional disruption for the baby. Breathwork is highly recommended prenatal to allow for the release of past trauma and to create a healthy energetic environment for the baby, as well as postnatal. Breathwork is safe to use when breastfeeding. 

Is breathwork safe for pregnant women?

If you have any medical conditions or are currently taking medication, please consult your doctor before starting breathwork. Medical conditions may include but are not limited to, high blood pressure, depression, kidney disease, heart disease, chronic panic attacks, and asthma. 

I have high blood pressure, is this safe for me? 

Breathwork can result in physiological changes in the body and/or intense physical and emotional release. As a precaution, the following conditions are contraindicated in certain breathwork practices. It is crucial that you inform your breathwork practitioner if any of the following conditions are relevant to you: 
• Pregnancy 
• Detached Retina 
• Glaucoma 
• High Blood Pressure (not controlled with medication) 
• Cardiovascular disease including angina, previous heart attack or stroke. 
• Diagnosis of aneurysm in the brain or abdomen 
• Uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes 
• Asthma – if the client is asthmatic, ask them to bring their inhaler to the session.
• Epilepsy 
• Prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or previous psychiatric condition. 
• Hospitalization for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis within the last 10 years. 
• Any other medical, psychiatric, or physical conditions which would impair or affect the ability to engage in any activities that involve intense physical and/or emotional release. 


Breathwork is safe for children; however, being in an altered state of consciousness with intense emotionality might be jarring on their system. This decision is ultimately up to the caregiver or parent. 


It’s important to listen to your body when you are checking in with this question. Breathwork is completely safe to do every single day, or twice a day. However, you want to first ask yourself, “What is my intention for my practice?” Ask yourself the why behind wanting to complete the practice. There are absolutely no downsides to increasing the duration of your sessions or the number of sessions completed on a weekly basis.


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- Steve R. Honolulu, Hawaii 

“Of all the amazing things I have ever experienced, NOTHING was so simple, so present with me, and so intrusively and yet compassionately transformational as just being with my own breath. No matter where you are in your life, I strongly recommend you invest the time to work with Tori and experience Revive Breathwork - you will never again see the simple act of breathing the same! ”

“Tori's style is a beautiful blend of gentle nurture and powerful invitation to level up.”

- Robert C. Chicago, IL

“Crazy. Crazy. From uncontrollable laughter that went on entirely too long (and was telling myself that AS it was going on) to crying at the reality of self-care. I’m not sure if you are a queen or a witch - but either way - I’m in! I’m so grateful that I’m embarking on this journey and have you as my captain. You have earned my Trust.”

TORI!! Thank you again - Omg what an experience lol.

-Tyler Hunt

“The breathe work has been very helpful and I even noticed today how big of a difference it really makes. I was getting frustrated at work this morning and as soon as I started to breathe, my mood shifted. Thank you so much! I'm always praying for you and thankful I got to meet you!”

I stopped stressing over the things that were out of my control.

such a moving experience!

Alon Zaibert

"Unreal -- I didn't know what to expect and was amazed. From her explanation and setup to putting her hand on my chest... It was as If she knew exactly what I needed at the perfect time."