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4 Tips to Transform Your Life


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The phrase “transform yourself” is thrown around a lot. Transform your body! Transform your mind! But what does it mean to truly transform

I spoke with Sue McDonnell on The Coachable Podcast, who gave me 4 tips to help us transform by regulating our nervous system, emotions, frequency, and asking for external support.

#1 Regulate Your Nervous System

A dysregulated nervous system is the number one thing that will hijack your progress, but no one ever teaches us how to do this! Regulating your nervous system is all about being able to understand your body’s stress response based on your circumstances and come back to your center where you’re calm and can think critically and clearly.. 

transform yourself

High levels of stress catapult us into fight, flight, fawn, or freeze so much in our day-to-day life that many of us think living in those states are “normal.” Waking up and feeling immediately stressed by a message on your phone, an email in your inbox is a response that your nervous system is having and we want to learn how to manage and release stress in ways that don’t just sweep the issue under the rug, but dissolve it all together. 

Things you can do to start regulating your nervous system include reminding yourself nothing is wrong with you, increasing your self-aware surrounding your triggers, and being mindful about how you’d like to respond, not just react. It’s so important to have the tools to bring us back into our bodies and ground ourselves.

#2 Work With An Expert

There are so many incredible therapists out there but it’s important to find someone who resonates with you and your life experiences.

Set up a call with a few different therapists and ask them questions like:

-What do you do when you’re triggered?

-How are you learning and growing in your own life?

-What are your personal development practices?

These questions will help you narrow down if there are people that are openhearted and willing to work with you in a mutually vulnerable way.

#3 Know What Frequency You’re Putting Into The World

How we present ourselves in one area of our life isn’t always how we show up in every area. We all have spaces in our lives where we feel our most confident, but what about the spaces where we don’t? It’s important to lean into those places that invoke fear and anxiety and tackle them one piece at a time.

Try using the following prompts: 

What are you… 


worthy of?

What do you…

want to create in your life?

What does that…

feel like? 

look like?

#4 Emotions are Data

Emotions are one of the best ways to tune into the now. Being able to identify what you need in this moment to best support you is so powerful!

If someone asks you a question, you can tune into the way you are feeling in the moment to help you make the best decision for you. 

Consider this. A friend asks if you want to go to a party. Does it feel energetically light or heavy? If it feels light and expansive, attend! If it feels heavy on constricting, let them know and take time to do something that feels less dense. Support yourself with extra care and openness. 

If you are feeling sad, how can you sit with that feeling and allow it to pass through you instead of suppressing or numbing it? What do you want to create out of this emotion? What is it trying to tell you? Realize that it will pass and allow yourself to experience this feeling with love and compassion for yourself.

Transform with Us!

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