5 Steps to Audit Your Business 


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What environment are you creating?

When it comes to having a business or even making friends, what is the environment like around you? In a company, the culture is there to inspire employees to do their best. They want to feel valued. In friendships, the culture should inspire your people to be their best and feel valued.

But, what if you have a toxic environment?

Step 1: Identify the problem

Inside of your business, look for the problem. Listen to your employees. Maybe there was a breakdown, something that happened that caused an employee revolt or there’s an emergency. Maybe the company started with certain values, but they have slipped over the past few years. Being able to identify the values and how to redirect them is the first step.

Step 2: Step Outside of the picture

There are so many different ways that we can see what’s going off course. If you are the leader, it may be hard to truly see what’s happening within your business. Hiring a coach or mentor can give you an outside perspective and help you to see the overall picture of what is really happening inside of your business.

Step 3: Collect Feedback


Feedback is key to understanding the ins and outs of your business. It’s also one of the most important parts to understanding where the problems lie. When collecting feedback, it’s extremely important to make sure that it’s anonymous. If an employee is being asked for feedback for the very first time, they may believe that there will be a kind of punishment involved. There also needs to be a framework involved. Why are the questions being asked? Why is feedback needed? By making it anonymous and establishing framework, it takes away any anxiety and opens the door for real, meaningful feedback. 

Step 4: Own it

Now that you have the feedback, you have to own it. Ownership as a leader or business owner means that you are 100% responsible for everything from A to Z. When you take ownership, it could mean making an apology. It could mean taking responsibility for something that happened. If you want to be respected as a leader, and as a human being, take responsibility. 

Step 5: Create and Implement

Now that the problem was identified, feedback has been collected, and responsibility has been taken, you can create a new system and implement it. Whether it’s values or a process within the workplace, something new will need to replace what was broken. This process isn’t an individual one. This is the time to co-create. Find out what works for employees and why it works.

It’s a We Thing Not a Me Thing

Recognize the value of the time and space you’re in. Take ownership and make a committed change.
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