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5 Steps to Finding Your Tribe


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Crisis means to sift.

After a really tough breakup years ago, I went through that feeling of crisis and it became an awakening.

I sifted through my ideas about myself, what I enjoyed, and what I wanted out of life- this included my friendships.

What did I really want out of these relationships in my life? How do I find my tribe?

5 Things I Did to Find my Tribe

Your tribe is the people in your life that share your values and dreams. These are the people you can go incredibly deep with, turn to for advice, but also laugh the hardest with. Finding these people requires you to know what you need in your friendships, and also to know yourself.

1. I got to know me.

I knew that working on myself was a commitment to going inward. It was like dating myself and having to start on the awkward first date, but slowly grow more comfortable. You have to figure out what you value, even what music you like. This is a great time to try new things and see what lights you up. Do things by yourself and commit to your growth and healing.

2. I created space.

Finding your tribe

I created space and released friendships that were restricting me and felt forced. I observed the people in my life. Did I enjoy spending time with them? When I spent time with them, did I leave feeling filled up or depleted? 

Creating deep, meaningful connections is important, even if it means leaving something that feels comfortable. It’s natural to outgrow things and people to create a new space where you can grow.

3. I was open to meeting people online.

Creating connections with people online can come with hesitation, but some of the most special people in my life have come from them. I met the incredible Keri Ford through Clubhouse when we were both speaking on bringing people into our lives that encourage us to grow. 

We live in 2022 and the online world is a great way to stay connected.

4. I trusted my intuition.

When I started my road trip in March, there was no plan in place. I felt called to go somewhere else, but I didn’t know where it was. I trusted my intuition, put out an intention, and released it and within 24 hours 3 different people reached out to me and encouraged me to go to Vegas. One of these people offered me a place to stay and introduced me to even more people that aligned with my values. Following my intuition led me right to them. 

There’s no greater gift you can give yourself than to trust yourself and your knowing.

5. I shared my journey.

Throughout my life, and especially this road trip, I have shared about my journey. I have attracted so many friendship by just sharing what I am going through. I want to encourage you all to do the same. 

You never know who is watching, who is feeling inspired, and who needs to hear what you have to say. We can connect over so many things, like our shared values, goals, and dreams. 

There’s nothing more nourishing in my life than having people around me that I can talk to about important things, laugh with, and also go deep with. 

Your people are out there- but you have to be willing to work on yourself and get to know yourself first. Move in the direction of what you truly want instead of staying where you are because it’s comfortable. 
Keep walking on your path. Your tribe is out there.

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