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Relationships can be tricky, to say the least.

Dating in this era of Tinder, Bumble, and the hundreds of other different dating apps can be exhausting. It’s hard to find a person with the same values, needs, and wants.

In my conversation with Jessica Haley and our amazing live listeners on TikTok, we were asked the questions, “Why am I meeting horrible people online? How do we find partners to have successful relationships with?”. To answer these questions we will need a 3 step process that will set us up for success.

It starts with Awareness.

The first step to finding your match in the dating world is becoming aware of your story.

We may find ourselves saying the same things over and over…


– “All of the people I find don’t value my time.”

– “No one wants to get to know me.”

– “They never share the same values as me.”

– “No one on this app will even text me back.”

These are all stories that you are creating around your dating life. You are putting into the universe that the only people who will come into your life won’t value your time, won’t want to get to know you, won’t share your values, and won’t text you back.

When we tell ourselves these stories over and over again we are validating that these stories are real.

But what if you stopped?

When you do, change can happen.

Manifest and Create a New Story

Once you are aware of your story, you can create a new one! This doesn’t mean we just hope for the best.

1. Attributes

Start by writing down the attributes you would want to see in the partner and the relationships that you are manifesting. Do you want them to be tall? Have a great smile? Make you laugh daily? Get specific about the details you desire. This list will continue to grow as you do.

2. Intention + Elevated Emotion

This comes down to what you love, desire, and want next. To set these intentions, use “I feel so” statements.
I feel so…

-loved in this relationship.

-sexy in this relationship.

-heard in this relationship.

-valued in this relationship.

These intentions act as a radio signal that will attract and pull in the relationship you want. 

3. Who do I have to be for that to show up?

Be in your highest light! When you are in this place you can truly attract that same energy. 

What can you learn?

How can you grow?

What is the new story that I can create when these things are in alignment?

The new story can be whatever you want it to be!

“I don’t know where all of these potential partners are coming from, but they’re amazing and they’re everywhere. I am so grateful that everywhere I go and everything I do leads me to the most incredible humans ever.”

It doesn’t have to be perfect!

We are human! We aren’t going to be perfect in this. From time to time, all of us will slip back into our old stories. But what we do when that happens is what matters most.

If we choose to stay in the old stories, we begin attracting those old relationships and qualities again. But, if we are aware in those moments we can actively move through the emotions we are feeling and reconnect with our new story. 

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