3 Steps to Gaining Direction and Clarity in Your Life

Do you ever feel like you have the puzzle pieces, but they just aren’t fitting together? Like putting the outline of the puzzle together, but not being able to see how all the pieces fit?

I have struggled with this myself- lots of us do. We find ourselves lacking clarity and feeling lost. How do we just “trust the process” and hope that everything works out?

Jessica Haley joined me this week to breakdown the steps you need to take in order to live from an empowered place of creating the life you want. It’s time to put your puzzle together.

Finding Direction and Clarity

Knowing what we want can give us direction and goals to set. There’s no stress. But actually knowing what we want can be really difficult. When we lack direction and clarity, we aren’t sure how to move through each season of life. Things are still hazy. 

These 3 steps will help you to navigate the experiences you go through while gaining clarity on the “HOW” of living your life. 

1. Zoom out

It can be so easy to fixate on that one thing in your life that isn’t working. An obstacle, adversity, challenges, relationships- these things can feel out of our control and can cause pain. 

We find ourselves giving all of our energy and our focus to that thing because we want it to stop.

When we give all of our energy away, we stop focusing on everything else. What we want to create, how we actually want to feel. Those things go right out the door.

finding direction and clarity

Fixating on the bad is like zooming in really close on a picture. We can only see one thing. But when we zoom out, we can see the whole picture. We can see the beautiful masterpiece that was right in front of us the whole time! 

Challenges can be hard to face, but when we zoom out and look at the whole picture, we can start to see different sides of it. What is the purpose of the challenge? Is there an easy answer we just couldn’t see while we were zoomed in? Is it something that once you overcome, you’ll be grateful for?

Zoom out of your situations and see that broader perspective.

2. Be Unavailable for Anything But Happy

Did you know that you can decide to be happy? You choose so many of the people and experiences in your life! 

When you’re going through an experience, try asking yourself:

How can I make this situation even more fun? 

What can I learn or experience from this?
What do I want to create today? 

What do I want to experience at this moment? 

What do I want to see?

3. Detach Yourself From The Story

“I should be doing this.” “I should be at this point in my life by now.” “I should or shouldn’t be feeling a certain way.”

We create endless stories in our heads about who and what we should be. We get attached to the story and the meaning that we created, and we think that it’s right. Then when we detach from the story, we realize, “Oh, if this thing that I’m telling myself isn’t making me feel good, I actually can decide.”

We can decide to create and believe in something different about why certain things happen. We can find a new direction. That is one of the most powerful places to be in. You’re no longer a victim to the story.

You have access to so much more

Be conscious and aware that you have access to unlimited possibility! Each experience you have can be a piece of your puzzle that creates the life of abundance and happiness that you deserve.

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August 11, 2022


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