How To Start Building A Better Relationship with Money

Money really touches all aspects of our lives.

We can’t meditate it away. It’s always there for us to interact with- bills, groceries, vacations. Money is everywhere.

72% – 91% of people say that money is the greatest stress in their life. This is why developing a good relationship with it is so important. This week Hannah Bier is giving us her best tips to recreate a relationship with money in a life-affirming, positive and loving way.

Building A Healthy Relationship

A lot of us think that we have to give up something in order to gain more of something else. Things like time, wellness, and freedom always seem like they need to be given up in exchange for more money.

But what if we don’t have to?


A healthy relationship with money doesn’t lie in the number in our bank account. 

You know you have a healthy relationship with money when you…

  • can feel your emotional hooks around money resolve. 
  • Have confidence and make capable decisions around money. 
  • feel like your intuition is wide open and you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. 
  • have way more money than you need

The goal is to not think about it; knowing that it’s flowing abundantly and will be retained in a healthy way.

You want to ensure you’re well financially resourced so you focus on what’s important- living.

Moving out of stress and into ease with money

Money is a flow of love in your life. When your energy around it becomes clear, you can see the way it flows through receiving, staying, growing, and allowing it to be there. It’s a friend.

Stretch your capacity to have a lot of love when it comes to money. Try starting with your savings account.

Where is your savings currently?

Let’s say you start with $2,000 in your account. It can seem really hard to maintain it. You may feel fear around losing it. You may feel guilty about not having more. What’s important is to sit with that number and open the door for love around it. You love having $2,000. It is staying.

Now start to expand it. 

It’s time to set a new set number. Move the number to $3,000. Watch as it enters your account. Keep it there, let it stay, and continue to grow.

Continue to expand and acclimate. 

Continue to add to your savings, all while setting that new set number. Bump it to $4,000, then to $5,000. Remember to receive, stay, and grow. Allow it to be there. 

This will create a point where you will be amazing at having it, not just receiving it. 

Grow Your Abundance

But that’s not the only way to change your mindset and grow your abundance. There are so many ways to open the door to more. You can surround yourself with others that have the wealth you also desire, look at the root of your beliefs around money, and identify your soul money number.

Get around people who have a high set point. 

These people will help you be able to help you maintain your set point and increase your capacity to have more. Be near the people who are making more and saving more.

Identify your money lies.

An example of a money lie may be that “In order to get wealthy you have to earn more money.” You can find a cruising altitude that will get you to an abundant life. The idea of having to earn more can feel constricting.

Find your soul money number.

Each of us has a soul money number wired into our being. This number feels abundant and enriching to us and it is different for each person. Some people may need $17,000 in savings, others may need $170,000 in savings. Find the number that brings you joy and start to create set numbers in your account to help you reach that soul number.

If you’re ready to receive and grow abundance, Hannah has amazing free resource! Check out the 13 Money Bliss Affirmation Cards. Also, connect with Hannah on her website or on social media.
You can listen to my most recent interview with Hannah: The Unexpected Path to Healing You (And Your Family’s) Relationship to Money on The Coachable Podcast or watch the entire interview on our Youtube Channel. Please remember to leave a rating and a review wherever you listen to the show. Send us a screenshot of your review to to receive free access to my Find Your Purpose Workshop.

July 28, 2022



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