Say Goodbye to Stress in 3 Steps

How do you calm the storm inside your head? 

Most people meditate.

The No. 1 misconception about meditation is that you do it to clear your mind. The thing is, just like how your heart beats, the mind works involuntarily. And honestly, nobody really cares how chaotic your thoughts are. 

So why do we meditate?

Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation, tells us that we meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation. She has created the first meditation instruction course to help you release the stress your body has stored over the years so you can become more creative, attuned, and intuitive.

By deep-diving into the science behind why stress makes you stupid, sick, and slow, she shares how meditation can help make you smarter and a better human being. 

Why You Feel Stupid, Sick, and Slow

Imagine that your brain is a computer. 

Imagine that:

  • your parents got divorced
  • your boyfriend broke up with you
  • you got fired from a job
  • you pulled an all-nighter during exam week.

Whenever you’ve been stressed and launched a fight or flight response, you’ve left an open window on your brain-machine. 

Now imagine writing an email with 10 million open windows on your computer. How effective do you think your computer is going to be? It’s tempting to judge the machine as stupid, bad, slow, old, or dumb. And that’s practically what happens to us.

reduce stress

“I can’t remember where my keys are.”

“I can’t remember why I picked up my phone.”

“Where did I leave my glasses?”

“I’m sorry, can you repeat what you just said? I wasn’t listening.”

And so, we blame ourselves. “Oh, it’s my fault. I can’t sit still. My brain is too crazy.”

Your brain is not any crazier than anyone else’s. It’s just that you have too many old stress windows open.

Ziva Meditation gives us 3 steps to clicking X on all those open windows so your brain can work the way it was designed.

Step 1: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of bringing your awareness into the present moment. It’s so simple and powerful.

There are already many meditation apps readily available for everyone. Most of these guide you through. They’re almost thinking for you—there’s one for sleep, sex, creativity, breakup—and they can be very prescriptive or diagnostic.

Every time you’re directing your focus, like when someone’s guiding you that is keeping you in the realm of language, of the left brain, of thinking. And there’s the power to it.

Mindfulness is good at handling your stress “now.” It’s good at creating a state of change. It’s like the appetizer that sets people up for the main course, meditation.

Step 2: Meditation

Many people don’t understand that stress is making us stupid, sick, and slow. And that’s a hard pill to swallow because we’re addicted to it, and we all love feeling important. The business is really just “look how important I am.”

We’re constantly in this busy battle. Who wins there? Nobody.

Stress is not doing anybody any favors. It weakens our immune systems, prematurely ages our body, and gives us blood pressure and even fertility issues.

You have to understand what it’s costing you. The good news is—there’s a way out!

“Oh, you mean I don’t have to take pills to go to sleep at night?”

“I don’t have to drink coffee to wake up in the morning?”

“I don’t have to drink alcohol at parties to feel socially included?”.

What many people don’t know is that we do have an internal pharmacy. All those pills, coffee, and drinks are replications of things that already exist internally in our pharmacy.

Meditation allows you to access that internal pharmacy of bliss chemistry and then calibrate it for your demand. 

Ziva Meditation is different from what everyone has usually tried before. It’s based on Nishkama Karma Yoga which means “union attained by action hardly taken” or lazy meditation. It’s like taking a nap sitting up without a sleep hangover. In just 15 minutes, you would feel like you had a 1.5-hour nap.

Step 3: Manifestation

Manifestation is you asking the question, “What would I love right now?”

If you’ve spent your whole life in defense, in survival mode, you won’t even have the luxury to listen to what you want. You tend to forget how to hear your own desires. 

The first  step of manifestation is to get your brain out of the fight or flight response. Start filling the body with dopamine and serotonin, so it feels safe. Stay and play. Manifestation after meditation is more impactful because it gets you out of that trauma-induced stressed state.

The stop-gap between meditation and manifestation is gratitude. If you can get to ‘enthusiastic gratitude’ for exactly what is, that is one click away from ‘enthusiastic gratitude’ for what’s on the way.

That’s manifesting—you get excited about the future as if it’s happening now.

Stress Less, Accomplish More

What you seek is within you. 

When you practice mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation, you eradicate the backlog of stress in your nervous system. This ushers you to higher states of consciousness and better performance. It increases your IQ, improves your immune system, and makes your sleep, sex, and creativity better. 

Are you ready to get better at life? Try Ziva Meditation now! It heals the root cause of stress by giving you tools to help you act in accordance with what’s best for your body and nervous system. Visit Emily’s website at to learn more, and catch us next week for another fun and informative Coachable episode!

June 16, 2022


reduce stress

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