3 Financial Myths You Need to Unlearn

Not everyone wants you to be rich, and that’s a fact. 

There’s a whole belief system around money perpetuated by those in power so they can remain in control and keep you powerless. Because of this, we form fear-based thought patterns and never really move past difficult situations. With the ever-increasing demands of work and life, it’s no wonder so many people are struggling to keep up. 

But what if there was a way to make a good living without sacrificing your health and well-being? What if you can work to earn as much money, if not more, in a way that doesn’t burn you out?

Tori Dunlap, the founder of Her First $100K and the creator of the Financial Feminist podcast, is here to help you! She teaches personal financial education to women as a form of protest against the patriarchal system that actively does not want them to have money.

Through her teachings, you’ll find out that buying so much coffee is not really the reason why you can’t pay off your student loans. The systemic oppression perpetuates false narratives around money to keep you overworked and underpaid.

It’s time you know the truth. 

Let’s break free from this chain that has long held us captive, and finally embrace the health, wealth, and abundance that we’ve been desiring. 

Financial Myths 

Talking about money is taboo.

This is a narrative perpetuated by the patriarchy to keep you silent. 

They tell you that talking about money is rude, which keeps you from knowing anything. And so when you ask “stupid questions,” you’re shamed for it. Therefore, you don’t only play small; you also become afraid to make wrong decisions. But nobody taught you which decisions were right in the first place. And now you live with anxiety all the time.

Women are told to stop spending money on frivolous things.

“Don’t buy that bag.” 

“Minimize your latte purchases.”

“Use fewer beauty products.”

We are shamed for our choices. But when men buy Rolexes or season tickets to their favorite football game, they are celebrated. You can see the gender bias there.

Keeping a balance on your credit card boosts your credit score.

No. It only puts you in debt. 

So if you were to trace back the origin of that myth, you’d most probably find out that credit card companies made it up to keep profiting from you while you’re in debt.

If you work hard, you’ll get rich.

This is the best narrative to gaslight someone. It doesn’t acknowledge the systemic oppression surrounding us. We live in a society that applauds hustle, but not the good one—the hustle where rest means weakness. We’re told to work really hard; otherwise, we’re lazy.


This narrative doesn’t acknowledge a single mom working her butt off for her family but still can’t afford her bills. It doesn’t consider the unfair policies women suffer from and the privileges men enjoy. 

How many steps are you ahead of everybody else? Some began their lives on the second base, while others started on the dugout. As individuals, we can only do so much. Most of these are rooted in a systemic issue. 

The Truth Unlocked

It’s okay to want money.

It’s okay to want choices. 

When we women talk about money, we’re immediately tagged as gold-diggers. We are shamed for striving to get rich. Why? Because they know that shame’s favorite thing to do is make you hide—it loves the silence and the quiet corner of the room. 

And that’s what the patriarchy wants—to silence us and limit our financial knowledge because money gives us choices, and choices give us the power to say yes or no.

How will we move forward and make progress if we’re unwilling to talk about what’s got to be on the table? Let your voice be heard. 

You can start with “I got a raise at work” or “I paid off my debt.” It doesn’t have to be a big financial topic right away.

Not fully paying the balance on your credit card is a bad idea.

If you don’t pay off your balance in full each month, you’ll accrue interest charges that can quickly add up. And if you miss a payment, you’ll be charged late fees that can further increase your debt. 

Thus, it’s important to be careful with credit cards and only use them if you’re confident you can pay off the whole balance each month. Otherwise, you’re better off avoiding them altogether.

You can get rich without working hard.

What if you can get rich without working hard? It sounds too good to be true, but it is possible.

First, assess your current situation. 

How much money do you earn? 

How many hours do you work? 

What amount of your work do you enjoy? 

Next, think about ways to earn more money without working more hours. For example, could you get a raise or a promotion? Could you start freelancing or consulting on the side? It’s crucial to find the one that is right for you. Work smart, not hard.

When you start playing from a defensive posture around money to an offensive one, you become proactive and intentional in moving downfield to your end goal instead of just playing not to lose. 

Now, making money becomes a natural by-product of doing the things you love. It doesn’t have to be difficult all the time. You can enjoy life as it is. 

Choosing and Chasing Wealth

Pursuing money is not bad. When you have financial literacy, your perspective widens. 

You’ll find out that money buys you options. You can donate to causes you believe in or start a business you want. You’ll have a choice to have kids or not or to get married or not. You can leave anytime if you’re in a toxic relationship because you’re not financially dependent on your partner.

When you have money, you get to have a voice—that’s why men fear financially literate women. 

This is just the beginning of your protest. Tori Dunlap provides you with free resources to improve your financial life if you want to empower yourself more. She also offers investment opportunities through https://treasury.app/ to anyone looking to work less and earn more. Learn new things in our next podcast, and watch out for other Coachable Episodes!

April 21, 2022

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