Helping Your Body Heal Itself

It’s hard to accept that you’re not okay.

When you’re struggling with the symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, or any other mood-related conditions, you can’t function at your best. You’ll lose focus, miss deadlines, appear insensitive to others, and worse, blame yourself for it—especially if you’re a woman. 

Fluctuations in hormones make it more complicated for women to address these symptoms. You’ll start asking yourself, “How can I know what’s happening to my body if it’s not functioning the way it’s designed to?” 

“How can I heal at the root core level?”

Maryam Amiri of Brillia, homeopathic medication for anxiety and ADHD, gives us helpful insights on how to make healthier lifestyle choices so that we can address our symptoms in the best way possible.

After all, your body can heal itself. It just needs a bit of your help.

Get to know your body on a deeper level.

I’ve discovered through breathwork that our body indeed is a healer. It knows what we need. 


When you get these stimulants, whether it’s medication or other things in life, you get off of your natural rhythm and your body’s natural cadence. You lose sleep, appetite, energy—you become stagnant. And that’s how things start to break down.

It’s time you rid yourself of synthetic chemicals entering your body, affecting your mood. 

It’s not about having to get diagnosed. What’s more important is getting educated with your body on a deeper level. You have to know what’s happening in your body so you can take care of it in the best way possible.

And what is the best way possible? The holistic approach.

5 Pillars to Holistic Health

You can’t wholly heal if what you’re doing compromises other aspects of your life.

You shouldn’t get used to dealing with the unfavorable side effects of synthetic medication. Don’t let familiarity dictate that you don’t have a choice.

You have the power to change your lifestyle. You just need a little support from those who understand most what you’re going through.

Maryam shares Brillia’s 5 Pillars to Holistic Health. It combines neuroscience and behavioral science for optimal results. These are:

1. Proper Nutrition

Food fuels your body. What you eat has a direct, significant, and long-term impact on how your body feels, develops, and functions. Studies suggest that poor nutrition can worsen the symptoms of anxiety and other attention-related conditions. So keeping a healthy diet is essential if you want to manage your symptoms.

2. Adequate Sleep

You are not a robot. You need to let your mind and body rest so that you can function properly. Adequate sleep is one of the things that you can’t bargain your way through. It re-energizes your body and helps with mood regulation, memory, and learning retention. It increases your focus, and consequently, your productivity.

3. Mindfulness and Relaxation

Mindfulness and relaxation have been found to significantly improve focus and concentration. You reconnect to your inner being and discover more about yourself when you meditate. And when you reach that state, your mind becomes open to all wonderful possibilities, including healing.

4. Controlled Screen Time

You don’t realize how long you’ve been using your phone, TV, and computer because it takes away your focus. Streaming videos and scrolling through your screens for extended hours not only strain your eyes and keep you inactive but also increase restlessness and anxiety. Control your screen time and keep yourself busy with more meaningful things.

5. Brillia

The symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and other attention-related conditions are caused by a particular protein in the brain. Brillia helps regulate the activity of that protein, so it doesn’t instigate these symptoms. And because it is extremely targeted, it doesn’t affect your appetite, sleep, and mood. It is formulated to be gentle, so it doesn’t have contraindications with other medications. You can take it with or without a diagnosis because it has been categorized as non-prescription.

Heal Sustainably

The goal is not to stay on Brillia forever. You don’t build a tolerance to it. It’s just there to give you extra support to deal with your symptoms better. Know that you can’t always depend on others for your healing. Your body can heal itself, but it requires commitment on your part.

The truth is, there’s no magic pill for instant progress.

As you learn the other pillars and make healthier lifestyle choices, you’ll be able to manage your symptoms and hopefully avoid taking any medication.

This Year, Claim Your Healing!

So many stressors have taken a toll on our mental health and well-being. I have been so busy that I kept putting aside taking care of my body. But I realized that we can never be too busy to prioritize our own health.

So this year, I’m committing to holistic healing. And I’m doing it with Brillia.

I have been using Brillia for months now, and I can say that it has given me the support I need in my day-to-day life so I can get on with my goals and say, “I got this.”

So if you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Let’s learn this revolutionary approach to healing together. 

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March 7, 2022

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