7 Simple Steps to Reach Your Goals in 2022

“2022 is gonna be my year!” Easier said than done, right? We all love to hype up the start of
our year, but the question is, do we have an action plan? Do we have a process in place?
Are we thinking of specific ways to get to where we want to go this year?

You can either go with the flow, take things as they come, or you can plan ahead, and act on
those plans to ensure your progress. Here’s a 7-step plan that can guide you through your
development this year, and the best part about this plan is, it’s doable, realistic, and

1. Note down your life inventory.

Where are you in life? What did you just come out of in 2021? What are your current
GPS coordinates?

Take snapshots of where you are in your finances, health, career, and relationships. How
much money are you making? What career path are you in currently? Are you single
right now, and do you want a partner? Are you still comfortable in the body you’re in?
Are you experiencing health issues? Be specific and factual in identifying your status in
all these aspects so you will know the next steps to take.

2. Identify your destination.

Cultivate where you’re heading. What is your destination? What’s the target you’re
moving towards?

Start writing down your goals, and to have a clear picture of them, make a list and break
them down into 2 parts, 70% of them are the believable, realistic, and attainable goals.
30% of them, Dream big! These should include the huge goals, the milestones that you
want to accomplish.

3. Identify your barriers.

Investigate what’s in the way, what’s hindering you from achieving your goals. Is it a skill
that you are yet to develop? A software, a system, a tool that you need to learn? A
technique that you need to practice on?

We’re humans, and sometimes, we avoid certain things that we feel uncomfortable
doing, or things that scare us because we don’t want to fail. Instead of avoiding these
barriers out of fear of failing, we should face them head on because those are the things
that keep us from doing what we’re meant to do.
When you shift out of the “I can’t” mindset, and finally say “YES” to yourself, you empty
your cup that used to be filled with fear, and replace it with the discipline, the
motivation, and the eagerness to learn. You become your own cheerleader.
“What would have to happen for you to be happy with your progress in the next 12
months?” Sit with that question, and uncover the barriers that you need to break.


4. Find the root cause of failure.

We’re all not immune to failing. We all have our reasons why we haven’t reached
certain goals last year. This is the part that you do not want to skip over.
What are the things you spend time avoiding? Do you do the things you do to avoid
pain? For example, are you valuing the avoidance of rejection instead of having a deep,
intimate connection with someone?

If you unconsciously value avoiding pain more than having the thing you desire, you will
sabotage yourself over and over again. It’s easy to fall into this trap. So ask yourself
“What are the things that I see myself try to avoid?” so you’ll know how to deal with the
internal conflict, and start focusing on living the life you desire for yourself.

5. Describe what your future looks like once you’ve achieved your goals.

What will you be experiencing once you have your goals? What would be different in life once you fulfill your needs? Would you feel abundant, creative, successful? Picture out how it will make you feel. Motivate yourself to chase that feeling.

6. Expand your gratitude.

Sometimes, we’re too focused on what we don’t have, that we forget what we already have. When we recognize and acknowledge the good things that we have, they expand, and you attract more of it. We don’t attract what we want. We attract who we are. You raise your vibrations by being constantly thankful, and the universe will give you more of what you already have. 

The law of attraction is not based on thinking, it’s based on feeling. Your vibration and gratitude is the most powerful way to magnet the things you desire.

7. Take action.

This is the final step, and this is where you start materializing your dreams. What action steps are you going to take now that you set these goals? 

Form the best habits one at a time. Commit, and show up for yourself. Do you need to improve your spiritual practices? Need to engage in activities that will help you balance your hormones? Do you need to take a class that will develop the skills you require for your new venture? 

Time to step into what’s possible! Claim your victory this year! To get you all set, make sure to grab a copy of the 2022 goal setting guide here!

January 6, 2022

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