How To Beat Seasonal Burnout

Learn To Honor Your Rhythms And Cycles

As a culture we have become so blind by success and our desire for more that we are suffering record breaking rates of anxiety, exhaustion and burn-out. Our desperate need to achieve and do is costing us more than we think. 

What if you could afford to relax? Does this thought feel foreign to you? If so…keep reading.

“We can relax and relate to life with faithful knowing that if we cease to act, life itself will not cease. It may in fact grow full.” 

These words can incite fear within us because we have become so afraid of entering the space of stillness and non-doing that even the prospect of this triggers our avoidance of this very place within us. 

There are cycles we are ignoring. Seasons we are bypassing. There is a spiritual world we have forgotten the language of. You can know that life is calling us to rest when our intuitive senses become something we question more than we trust. 

Recognize Burnout

By recognizing that we are natural born creators… that we create the world around us, many are reclaiming their power and in doing so are can easily get swept up in the busy blur of doing. We believe that the more we do, the faster we produce, the more we become and our worth has become equated to what we achieve. Thinking that being busy means being successful leads to working tirelessly, day after day trying to recreate and replicate. We place so much importance on rising up, growing, expanding our external worlds, yet we have forgotten an integral part of the process. When we bloom we must also close. 


All life needs rest and incubation. All of life needs time below the surface where it can reconnect with its nature and sprout again. In the same way you can’t force flowers to continually bloom or trees to continually bear fruit you can’t expect yourself to produce at your best without honoring the rhythms and cycles of life. 

There comes a necessary time when we must journey to the peaceful place within. This is where new dreams are born. New life lives. Where we can grow into more. Not from a place of striving or not-enoughness but from a healthy, balanced place connected to our source. When we get too busy we ignore the gentle stirrings within and lose touch with purpose. We forget that true wealth grows from nurturing the relationship within ourselves.

Watching your dreams and desires come into form is one of the greatest manifestations of life. It fills us and gives us a sweet sense of purpose. We are meant to do. But we cannot forget that is not all we are meant for. In the same way the moon shines brightly it also dissolves into darkness. It’s radiance is a culmination of all of its stages. 

New Seasons Inspire New Growth

In the natural order of things seasons change. The seasons birth new life and then quietly return back to sleep. Summer turns to fall. A chill fills the air. Trees hundreds of years old let go of their harvest of fruit and leaves turn to gold and fall gently to the ground. The tree, then barren, closes its eyes and goes within itself to sleep for months never to wake and force a bloom, for it knows that in resting lives another form of life, that which is in need of nothing and can sit in the simplicity of being. 

Nature is our greatest teacher, yet we are ignoring the lessons she is trying to teach us. “Slow down” she whispers, “It’s time to close.” Yet we don’t hear her, or if we do, we ignore her call. We continue to find even more reasons to be ourselves because as any good achiever knows… the holidays are coming and that means we’re in the final sprint. Do more now so that we can buy more then so that we can be more later. This is an illusion and it’s not a sustainable model for growth.  

Slow Down

When inspiration feels dry or your heart is trying to quiet you, embrace this time. As life swirls around you resist the temptation of being swept into forced, frantic or desperate doing. Learn to honor your beings call to rest. 

To experience this, begin by sitting in quiet stillness for 5 minutes. Notice what it feels like to be wordless in the world for a moment. See if you can sense your life thanking you or your heart softening. 

Download my FREE guided meditation here to take this a step further. You can also visit my website for more resources and support on your journey to sustainably grow.

October 21, 2021

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