3 Ways To Establish Trust with Ourselves And Our Diet

Imagine if your body told you exactly what it needed and exactly when it needed it? Well, guess what? It does! On The Coachable Podcast, I spoke with the incredible Jenn Trepeck, a Health and Nutrition Coach, to learn more about understanding our bodies’ needs and establishing trust within ourselves. 

It Takes 3 Steps

The road to establishing trust with ourselves and our diets comes down to three important pieces. We need to get back in sync with our bodies and listen to what we need. We also need to track our patterns, and then use the tools we have to judge where we’re at.

1. Listen To Your Body.

A lot of us have been trained to not listen to our bodies. When we grow up in homes where we’re taught to finish all of the food on the plate, or are judged for eating too much or too little, we are leaving our body’s voice in the dust. Our struggles with food come back to our education and upbringing. Sometimes we just don’t know how to listen to our dietary needs because we were never taught how. When you take the step to start focusing on how your body responds to eating, figuring out what’s too much and what’s too little, what’s nutritious and fuels you and what does the opposite, you are empowering yourself. You can use power to make self loving choices instead of putting your body through the same rigor you were raised to. Your body is so wise! It knows exactly what you need and it knows how to heal you.

2. Track Your Patterns.

Journaling isn’t just for your emotions, it can be for your diet and habits surrounding diet as well! When you journal your food journey, you are going to be able to identify patterns. You can start by tracking things like energy, mood, and confidence. See how each of those affects your diet for the day. Is stress and low energy causing you to have more sugar? That’s okay! Now that you’ve identified the pattern, you can start to look at the events that cause those feelings of stress and low energy and adjust. It’s never about the scale or the weight, it’s about who you really are! How are you able to show up and dedicate yourself to things that really matter. Sometimes taking that extra step to get your feelings and habits out of your head and onto paper, gives your brain space to focus on all the amazing capacity that we have to the things that really matter. Seeing the patterns will let you see the “a-ha” moments-that is going to create the momentum to make the changes you need for yourself and your body.

3. Use Your Tools!

What if I told you you had the perfect tool with you all the time? You already know, it’s your body! Your body can be used to help you better understand your relationship with food. Creating a better diet relationship starts with reestablishing trust with your body and yourself. Make sure you will get what you need! Here’s a breakdown of the best way to use your body and your meals to measure when and how much you should eat:

  • Eat within an hour after waking up
  • Stop eating within 2 hours before bed
  • A snack will last you 1-2 hours
  • A good sized meal will last you about 5 hours

Establishing trust with ourselves and our diets doesn’t have to be scary! You live in your body everyday. Taking these three steps to listen to your body’s needs, track your patterns, and use your tools, will help get you back in touch with your dietary needs. You deserve to live a healthy and happy life!

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September 23, 2021

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