The 121% Rule

I had the great privilege of chatting with Mike Miedler, CENTURY 21’s President and CEO. On The Coachable Podcast, we talked about his incredible method for achieving your goals, The 121% Rule.

The Equation for Success

What is 121%? As someone who has felt the feeling of burnout, I know that even giving 100% can feel strenuous some days. Luckily, 121% is broken up into 3 easy categories. 50% + 50% + 21% to give you the perfect equation for success.


The first 50% is a combination of a positive attitude, motivation, and relationships. It starts with waking up on the right side of the bed; opening your eyes and inviting in the right frame of mind. When you start your day on a super positive note, you are ultimately setting yourself up for success. Beyond that moment of waking up, is understanding your why. What motivates you? Why are you fighting every single day? Staying in touch with your big “why” will help you to stay motivated throughout the day. It also comes down to the people in your life. They make up the remainder of your first 50%. Are the people you’re spending time with supporting you? The people in your day to day life should also reflect positivity, not getting caught up in social media and negative news. 


The second 50% is your skills and knowledge. Pushing yourself to grow and learn new things is crucial to this part of the 121%. How are you every day, trying to get just a little bit better through your education, through your skills and through your knowledge? Taking the time to read, listening to podcasts, and talking to coaches can help grow your knowledge and ultimately, grow yourself.


The last of the 121% is execution. It’s actually going out there and every single day doing the actions that it takes to be successful. This is taking our 100% that we worked on and applying to our job, our life, ourselves. When we add in the last 21%, magic happens. We take something from an idea to reality.


“There’s no substitute for just good old fashioned hard work- showing up every single day at the starting line and putting in the miles to get to where you want to be.”

If we were to implement even one of these percentages, we would be so much better off, but it’s the implementation and the extra 21% that is the differentiator. That 21% is the difference between someone who is an average salesperson and someone who can knock it out of the park. It’s the difference between somebody who gives up and somebody who gives the willingness to show up and to do it. 

If you’re ready to take the step towards accomplishing your goals, give The Coachable Podcast a listen. We want to guide you to 121% of the success you can have. 

August 24, 2021

Entrepreneurship, Podcast

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