Who Are YOU? How Identity Informs Your Results

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and asked yourself, “Who am I?”. As humans, we strive to answer this question, but our “identity” can get in the way. I had the honor of speaking with Anthony Trucks on the Coachable Podcast. We spent time diving into the idea that you can’t know how to get what you want until you know who you are. 

When I say “know who you are”, what do we mean? I want to know who you really are and not who you think you are. Society has lied to you. It makes you believe that you are your name, gender, race and a million other titles some of which we claim and others which were given to us. We are taught to act as the person that the world has told us that we are. We are only as good as our best labels. Even though you live that idea everyday, you need to understand that you are so much more than just a body, or your thoughts, or the boxes you’ve been limited by. 

You are not your name, body or thoughts.

We don’t choose what to be called, that piece of us is chosen for us when we come into the world. What you need to remember is that your name is just a word and that word isn’t just who you are. That’s just a detail that’s already embedded in us. Then society adds on. “You’re an amazing athlete.” “You’ll be able to do these amazing things.” “You won’t.” We are being told who we are and the more we hear it, the more we start to believe it. This belief is just a thought you’ve had over and over again.

Once you identify all of these labels, what is the process of shifting out of these programmed identities? The first step is realizing you know that you’re operating from an identity right now. It is present! This whole time your true identity has been taking in subconscious actions. Take a moment to get to know who you are when you aren’t thinking -your flow. That flow creates relationships, businesses, and joy!
Want to learn more about finding and understanding your true identity? Tune into the Coachable Podcast and finally find the answer to “who am I”. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/make-shift-happen-how-your-identity-informs-your-results/id1475408897?i=1000528843301

August 3, 2021

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