Top 3 Lies We Tell Ourselves

We can recite affirmations, go to classes, pay thousands of dollars for help, but what happens when we come face to face with a lie that we actually believe is true?

On a recent episode of the Coachable Podcast, I had the privilege of talking with Jacob Kauffman about the 3 lies we tell ourselves and the effects that they can have on us. These lies show up in our behaviors, actions, and decisions, all driven by our unconscious beliefs. 

Lie #1: I Am What I Do.

We all know someone whose job is their life. They live, sleep, eat, and breathe business. But is this who they actually are? When we fall trap to the lie that we are what we do, we lose sight of everything else. Suddenly we are caught up in execution and working hard, all while burning ourselves out. 

Lie #2: I Am What I Have.

Having food, water, and shelter are our needs. What goes beyond those are our wants. When you fall prey to the lie of being what you have, you start to accumulate more and more things. These could be material, they could be experiences, either way your subconscious is beginning to believe that your worth is tied to what you have around you – not what’s in you.

Lie #3: I Am What Other People Say Or Think About Me.

When we believe this lie we give our power away to anyone and everyone and our self image takes a direct hit based on someone else’s perception of us. When this happens, we project a certain persona to ensure that we get attention or affection because not being liked or accepted is one of our deepest fears. This lie will keep us stuck in people pleasing patterns and ultimately creates a new identity that our ego will hold on tight to and refuse to let go of.

So, how do we reprogram these lies and move forward into our true self? We grow. Our ego doesn’t want growth to happen. When we come face to face with an opportunity to change, these lies will cause us to feel fear, feel anxiety, and look for that same confirmation bias that change is a bad thing, a dangerous thing. But when that moment of transformation comes, be ready to move forward by taking action. 

Here’s an action you can take right now. Go to the Coachable Podcast and listen to this episode! Leave me a comment with your biggest takeaway! 

July 27, 2021


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