This is something that I used to feel internally all the time. No matter how well things were going or how much I was told that I was doing great I could never get rid of the feeling that I somehow had people fooled into thinking I actually had my shit together. I changed jobs, cities or boyfriends every year or so because I never could seem to satisfy my desire for the "next best thing." I was a mess. And although it looked like everything came easily I felt like life was a constant struggle.
And it was because..

I didn't know myself. 

does this sound like you?

"I don't see myself the same way other people see me."

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• Learning to say No
• Overcoming Fear
• Setting Boundaries
• Non-Negotiable's
• Move the Needle
• Not-to-Do-List
• The Deal
• Choosing a Mentor
• A Year From Now
• Morning Routines
• Morning Pages

Now that we have a clear idea of what success truly means for us we have to set our focus and energy on consciously bringing that into our reality. This requires us to take aligned action and move the needle in the right direction. It also requires us to begin to say no to things that aren't going to help us get there. In this section you'll get the following tools:

how do i get what i want?

• What do I deserve?
• Self-Care Checklist
• Having it all 
• Defining True Success
• Using the Power of Imagination
• Letting Go of Others Expectations
• Find Your Why
• Should's vs. Wants Test
• Stop Shoulding On Yourself
• ABC's of Goal Setting
• Clarity Guide

We cannot hit a target we can't see. Most people don't know what they want because they don't know who they are. Now that we've got a better understanding of who we are we can truly begin to determine what we want on our terms. Not based on what our parents, friends or society tells us we should want! In this section you'll get the following tools:

what do i want?

• Life event timeline tool
• Connecting to your Inner Child pt 1
• Connecting to your Inner child pt 2
• Connecting to your Inner Child pt 3
• Parent Influence
• Changing Colors
• Acting the part
• Who do you want to be?
•  The Superficial Sense of Self Test
• Identifying Your Subconscious Beliefs
• Updating Your Story

Without detangling our identity and sense of self from our labels, accomplishments, and titles we will always believe that who we are is what we do, what we have, or what other people think of us. This creates a lot of suffering and a life filled with chasing things that will never satisfy. In this section you'll get the following tools:

who am i?

get clarity on the 3 most essential questions to achieving true happiness

- brandon m. 

"Every year everyone always says "new year, new me" but in reality nothing really ever changes. I feel like I went through 2 years of transformation after going through this program." 

There is never a perfect time to do something. Life will give you a million reasons why it's not the right time to work on yourself. "When the kids are out of the house." "When I have more time." "When I have more money." "When I'm more prepared." Now is the time to say YES to your bigger dreams and future self. 

the right time to do it is when you make the choice to do it. 

the only thing that stands between you and what you want is your ability to take action

- annie c.

" OH MY GOSH THANK YOU! What a good initiation to this new chapter. Taking action in the physical reality to create my reality. The momentum I have been wanting to feel started the moment  I signed up for this program!"

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