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A high-level, one-on-one, specialized coaching program for the committed entrepreneur, influencer or coach who's aim is not just to be a top-performer but is dedicated to living a conscious leaders lifestyle, teaches by demonstration and leads by example. Together we'll bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary and leave the world and workplace better than we found it. 



Learn to overcome any obstacle, tap into your potential, and achieve limitless success.

Private 1:1 Coaching

In this program, you will learn a method to ignite change that doesn't just last a few weeks but lasts a LIFETIME. You will learn how to identify and dismantle the limiting and negative thought patterns and end the cycle of toxic and repetitive habits that are sabotaging your success and happiness.

HIRING A COACH HELPS YOU BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN knowing, doing, being and having

Coaching sessions will be conducted by Zoom or in-person if you live in the Atlanta, GA area. A three-month commitment is required upfront but 6-months is strongly encouraged. We can discuss the possibilities of month-to-month coaching after the initial 3 or 6-month term expires. 

I work with 4 people at a time and only those who are committed to be held accountable, showing up 100% for each session, and are willing to break out of their comfort zone.

The total investment for your personalized, transformative coaching program will be discussed during your discovery call.

Payment is required upfront (we can work with you on a payment plan). Payment is accepted via direct money transfer and credit cards are accepted for an additional 3% service fee.

Scheduling & Pricing Information

• Customized Coaching: Bi-Weekly sessions meeting every other week (6 sessions total)
• Next-level support: You will have direct access to my phone via the Voxer app so we connect instantly to ensure you stay on track with your goals. Unlimited email correspondence in between sessions for extra accountability. 
• Integrated Approach: Tori combines the most cutting-edge and effective modalities available to create deep, sustainable change for her clients. By fusing these together she is able to leverage whatever tool is necessary to support her clients.
• Strategic Growth: Homework and reading assignments to keep you focused and growing
• Personalized Action plan: Each client receives a customized roadmap for both their personal & professional goals to guarantee their future success. 
• 100% Confidentiality
• Access to the elite team of experts in Tori's inner circle

LIMITLESS individual coaching package includes:

Shannon Gray, lOS aNGELES 

“Every day I think to myself there is no way things can get better than this and every day they do. The things that used to make me spiral don't ruin my day anymore. I have more control and energy now. I used to think I needed to live off caffeine to make it through the day, but now I see that I just needed to release what wasn't serving me.”

"I have literally never been so happy in my life."

- Wallis M. Los Angeles, CA

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your straight-talk with me and your perspective and that you’re not just there to always try and make me feel better about whatever story I’m telling myself or creating, but to give me a reality check and an informed objective response.”

“I feel so deeply held by our conversations.”

- Yasmine S. Orlando, FL

“Since I started working with Tori I have seen a magnificent difference in the way I speak, in the way I show up for my business, and how I handle situations with relationships and family. Now, people tell me there is something different about me, how I talk, and how I’m operating.”

“I don’t even recognize the girl I was before working with Tori.”

- Jason P. Atlanta, GA

"I am so appreciative of what you have done with this program. It was a very safe environment for us to have deep discussions about traumas large and small that we've faced in life. I plan on taking this experience with me and implementing these tools from here on out. Thank you!"

“ I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't because of you.”

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