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Growing up in the small college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama I grew up surrounded by champions 5 miles away on the University of Alabama campus so naturally, I loved to compete. I discovered early that there are those to whom things come naturally and others who have to do the hard laborious work to achieve great things. For me, things came naturally from sports to school and I learned when I was young that being the best had its perks. For my sister, however, she had to work for it. I would later learn just how hard she would have to fight and how life's toughest opponents would become our greatest coaches. 

"Tori, your mom, and sister are driving to the hospital this afternoon. Anna doesn't have strep throat... it's cancer." 

It's 2009. I'm a senior in high school, MVP in 3 sports, and a straight-A student. I'm preparing to move out, go to college and follow in my sister's footsteps. I'm ready to start a life of my own and discover who I am. Life is good. And then, we get an unexpected diagnosis: 


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- jen G., buffalo, new york 

The way I do life has changed. The permission I've been seeking from others has been inside of me the entire time. PERMISSION GRANTED. 

"this is what it feels like to be me. not playing the part of who I think people want me to be but the real authentic me."

- Bri D. San Diego, CA

“I felt so stuck and unhappy with a lot of things. I knew I had a lot of growing to do but didn't know where to begin. Finding Tori literally feels like fate and investing in myself has been one of the best decisions I've ever made!!!”

“I am at a loss of words for how much of an impact Tori has made on my life.”

- Wallis M. Los Angeles, CA

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your straight-talk with me and your perspective and that you’re not just there to always try and make me feel better about whatever story I’m telling myself or creating, but to give me a reality check and an informed objective response.”

“I feel so deeply held by our conversations.”

- Yasmine S. Orlando, FL

“Since I started working with Tori I have seen a magnificent difference in the way I speak, in the way I show up for my business, and how I handle situations with relationships and family. Now, people tell me there is something different about me, how I talk, and how I’m operating.”

“I don’t even recognize the girl I was before working with Tori.”

- Jason P. Atlanta, GA

I am so appreciative of what you have done with this program. You have created an environment that brings people from different parts of the world together for one weekend to share so much and everybody was so open-minded to this. It was a very safe environment for us to have deep discussions about traumas large and small that we've faced in life. Thank you!

“I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't because of you.”

When someone is struggling, most people shift their entire focus to strategy. We want the 3 steps to more money, a better body, or a better sex life. But 80% of the time, the issue is actually your psychology. Yes, the strategy, the skills, the tools — these are all critical components to creating real and sustainable growth, but knowledge alone is not power. Applied knowledge is power. Execution will always create greater results than theory. And execution starts with your psychology.

In this training learn how to maximize your potential, create incredible results and beat the competition, even if it's just the clock without burning yourself out.

The secret to sustainable success


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